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Dana P. Williams

Co-Founder / Executive Director

Dana Williams is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Community Wellness Project (CWP). She has been in the field of HIV/AIDS/STDS since 1987 and has an established history in providing Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) to community based and AIDS service organizations as well as state and local health departments around the country. As a public health consultant, she has extensive experience in writing, developing, implementing and evaluating many HIV/AIDS/STD programs and training curriculums including; Prevention Case Management, Effective-Street and Community Outreach strategies, and Community Mobilization.Ms. Williams has years of experience in managing Federally Funded grants and contracts and continues to serve as a national training partner for the Center for Disease Control, the Office of Minority Health and the Office of Women’s Health. Ms. Williams is a master-level trainer for the American Red Cross HIV/AIDS Instructor Course in both the African American and Fundamentals programs and is considered a lead trainer for the Centers for Disease Control Capacity Building Assistance Branch (CBB) for their Evidence Based Interventions (EBI’s).

“We are here for you”

Edwin Burgos

Co-Founder / Director of Outreach Services

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Mr. Burgos, one of the founders of The Community Wellness Project and currently serves as the Director of Outreach Services. Mr. Burgos is an HIV/AIDS prevention education specialist who is nationally certified by the American Red Cross as an African American/Hispanic Instructor, and has extensive Substance Abuse counseling experience. Mr. Burgos also has widespread experience and expertise in providing capacity building assistance to Substance Abuse treatment providers and HIV Substance Abuse prevention education in both Spanish and English. Mr. Burgos has assisted in designing, implementing and facilitating workshops, seminars, various support groups, educational trainings on HIV/AIDS and or HIV/Drug Education with particular regard to Substance Users/Abusers, high risk heterosexuals, people living with HIV/AIDS, youth, men who have sex with men (MSM) and incarcerated or recently released men and women in communities of color. Additionally, Mr. Burgos has received skills building certificates in Substance Abuse Counseling. He is also a Recognized Associates Substance Abuse Counselor (R.A.S.A.C. I and II), Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (C.S.A.C.) ready from the Missouri Substance Abuse Counselors Certification Board (M.S.A.C.C.B).

“We are here for you”

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Edward Tyronne Howze, M.D.


Edward Tyronne Howze is a Co-Founder of The Community Wellness Project.  Dr. Howze has over 25 years of experience in the field of HIV/AIDS.  He began this work as a psychotherapist, in Dallas, Texas, counseling individuals with HIV/AIDS, and was a contributing author in the book titled Care for the Caregiver edited by Ted Eidson. He has also coordinated substance abuse programs for men with HIV/AIDS and participated in the early pre and post HIV antibody test counseling after the HIV antibody test was developed.  Dr. Howze also participated in the first Federally-funded Longitudinal Behavior Change Study for African American gay and bi-sexual men under the direction of Dr. Jon Peterson at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies in San Francisco.   Dr. Howze supervised the Ryan White Titles I and II system of case management for St. Louis City and surrounding counties through the St. Louis City Department of Health for over six years.  Dr. Howze is also an excellent facilitator and trainer.  He has designed and implemented many educational training sessions for professionals and community members.  He is a Nationally Certified Master Level Instructor Trainer in the African American HIV/AIDS Training Course through the American Red Cross.  Dr. Howze has presented workshops at a number of conferences such as AIDS in the Heartland, the U.S. Conference on AIDS, and the National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS.

“We are here for you”