3MV is a 7 session group level intervention specifically geared towards minority Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) who may or may not identify as “gay”. Topics/Issues covered include: positive self-imaging, condom negotiation, HIV/STD risk reduction strategies and maintaining support systems.

3MV is a seven-session, group-level HIV and STD prevention intervention for black gay men. The intervention addresses factors that influence the behavior of black men who have sex with men, including cultural, social, and religious norms; interactions between HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases; sexual relationship dynamics; and the social and psychological influences that racism and homophobia have on HIV risk behaviors. 3MV is designed to be delivered by two culturally competent facilitators in groups of up to 12 clients.

The training for this intervention is a four-day course where participants will experience portions of the actual intervention on Day 1 and complete more typical Training-of-Facilitators-style activities on Days 2-4. This training is highly experiential, incorporating group exercises, behavioral skills practice, group discussions, role plays, and repeated episodes of practiced facilitation (i.e., “facilitate-backs”). The 3MV training is designed for individuals who will directly facilitate the intervention in their home communities. Evaluators, program managers and other staff who will not be involved in direct facilitation will be accepted if space is available.